Summer 2013 Newsletter
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Ercuis & Raynaud Around the World
Ever wonder what our brands Ercuis & Raynaud are up to around the world? Check out their latest e-newsletter covering all the special news including Heather & March’s participation in Le French May Festival with Ercuis and Raynaud. View the e-newsletter

Heather & March participates in ‘Splendour of the French Table’ Exhibition at Elements Mall
From May 1 to June 9 2013, Heather & March is proud to have participated in a major exhibition called ‘Splendour of the French Table: Heritage and Modernity of Tableware throughout the Centuries’ organized by the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau as part of Le French May festival. View the exhibition album

 New Arrivals
Gien Ocean
Introducing the latest collection from Gien which takes you down into the wonders of the deep blue sea and its warm waters. Designed by Gwenaëlle Trolez, the new ‘Ocean’ offers to nature lovers a collection of shellfish, corals and sea life. Enjoy a plate of fresh seafood at home during the summertime with this fanciful collection. Dinner and gift sets are available.

Beauvillé Linens
Beauvillé has been the pioneer in traditional fabric printing for over two and a half centuries, refining and perfecting its know-how in Alsace, France where the great history of textile printing was written. Uncompromising in the quality of fabrics: the finest cotton yarns are woven into a satiny cloth, an inimitable talent to make the colours shimmer, with sometimes more than twenty nuances in the same design.
Today, Beauvillé is still produced entirely in France and since 2009 carries the EPV label «Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant» (Living Heritage Company). Beauvillé's colourful designs are printed by hand and machine. Although it uses the latest in computer technology for certain design aspects, it still creates beautiful and long-lasting tablecloths and household linens following the traditional method.

Gien Bagatelle
Let your table be filled with joyfulness and vivid colours. Inspired by the spectacular landscape of the Bagatelle Gardens in western Paris, the new ‘Bagatelle’ collection takes you on a stroll through colourful French gardens. Designed by artist Agathe Charlot for Gien, the geometric striped edges brings forth a touch of exotic blending beautifully with blooming flowers and plants. Dinner, dessert, tea, breakfast and gift sets are available.

Sabre Animal Prints
Introducing new playful and wild animal print collections by Sabre, makers of quality French cutlery for everyday use. Every year, Sabre comes out with chic and lively patterns with a wide range of colours and infinite designs that lets you mix and match. Known for their creativity and quality, Sabre continues to appeal to all ages. Let your imagination flow freely with the new ‘Dumbo’, ‘Zebra’, and ‘Elephant’ collections in a range of fun colours.

Gien Couverts
Introducing the first ever cutlery line from Gien. Designed by Richard Perron for Gien, the collection is contemporary and perfect for everyday occasions. Made of high strength resin and solid stainless steel, well balanced and ergonomic, the cutlery is designed to be easy to use and nestle naturally into the hand. Available in a 7-piece set in purple, beige, and white.

Gien Bouquet
Introducing the new Gien ‘Bouquet’ collection. Created by painter Laurence Mosneron for Gien, ‘Bouquet’ puts nature within our reach and offers a skilful combination of exquisiteness and delicacy, an enchanting play of colours and forms. ‘Bouquet’ lets your spirit wander to the edge of the woods by a trail lined with hedges, berries, and flowers.

Ercuis Latitude
Ercuis has enriched its emblematic ‘Latitude’ collection with new table and bar accessories, including a cheese tray, champagne buckets, ice bucket, and matching ice tongs. The design is pure, elegant and timeless with glass and silver-plated ring details. Now available in stock.

Gien Teatime
A homage to traditional Asian tea ceremonies, the new Gien ‘Teatime’ collection reveals the importance of this ancient and symbolic culture. The art of tea ceremony has been around for centuries. The tradition remains very much alive today especially in Japan. ‘Teatime’ is available in dessert, tea, and breakfast sets as well as other gift pieces.

Raynaud Trésor
Introducing the new Raynaud ‘Trésor’ collection designed by fashion designer Mariela Schwarz. ‘Trésor’ is inspired by souvenirs brought back from distant travels of precious sari fabrics and Indian tapestries, creations Mariela admires for their delicate patterns and combination of striking colours. Trésor is available in four stunning colours of chestnut brown, soft beige, rich orange and turquoise, which can be mixed and matched to create a ultra-chic table.

Cristal de Sèvres
Newly added to Heather & March’s brand portfolio, we are proud to introduce this royal brand - Cristal de Sèvres. Created in 1750 by the Marquise de Pompadour under the King Louis XV’s patronage, Cristal de Sèvres is a lead crystalware maker with royal beginnings. By 1762, it was reputed to be one of the best glassworks in France, dressing the royal tables and mansions for those who sought the highest standards of quality and aestheticism. Cristal de Sèvres is part of the traditional French ‘art de vivre’ and today remains among the few brands that produce top quality French lead crystalware. Cristal de Sèvres is exclusively available at Heather & March. Select from a variety of coloured and clear wine glasses, champagne glasses and beautiful vases.

Raynaud Cristobal Marine
Over a decade ago, famous Parisian designer Alberto Pinto created a hugely successful collection for Raynaud called ‘Cristobal’.  ‘Cristobal’ has since become the hallmark of this famous designer. The elegant and sophisticated design with its signature coral pattern is available in red, brown, turquoise and now takes on a brand new complexion -navy blue.  The beautiful shade of blue is deep and luminous and complimented by gold accents. The ‘Cristobal Marine’ is available in Western and Chinese dinner services.

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